Who We Are

As a second generation, family–owned financial company, we know the importance of family and how your investment strategy affects your goals, dreams, and loved ones. We’ve been helping families work toward their financial goals for over 25 years.

Core values

It's important that every investor understand the ethical standards of those who affect their long–term financial success, and comprehend the foundations and ideals that their investment strategy was built upon.



Entrepreneurial Spirit

entrepreneurial spirit

Education and Inquiry


Free Markets Work

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Our team

Mark Matson
Mark Matson

Mark is CEO and founder of Matson Money, a registered investment advisor company that manages in excess of $8.6 billion. Mark has used his extensive experience in both financial planning for individual investors and coaching financial advisors to fuel his message of prudent investing and free market beliefs. His primary objective is to arm advisors and investors with the truth so that they can make educated choices about their financial future. To that end, Mark has written books, articles, and developed training programs that cut through the hype and set aside the status quo that surround the topic of investing. Passionate about delivering his message, Mark shines in the training programs he leads for financial advisors and investors. His ability to simplify complex investment subject matter is illustrated in the unique training concepts that impact hundreds of attendees in programs for either advisors or investors.

Michelle Matson
Michelle Matson
Vice President, Marketing

Michelle has been with Matson Money since 1992. From operations to marketing to management to training, Michelle has done it all. She is known for her ability to conceive creative solutions. Currently, she is responsible for the marketing and publishing aspects of Matson Money, as well as overseeing projects related to training and web development. In spring of 2009, Michelle published the book, Rich Chick: The 9 Must-Have Accessories Every Girl Needs To Create Financial Confidence, Independence, And Freedom... The Smart Way. She frequently speaks on the topic of women and investing all over the country. When she's not at work, Michelle loves to spend time with her husband, Matt, and their three wonderful daughters.

Dan List
Dan List
Chief Compliance Officer

Dan has been with Matson Money since August 1994. Over the years, Dan has performed and defined the standards for every role in the Investment Services realm. He continuously provides research, portfolio design, returns auditing, compliance advice, and data for sales support. Dan's dedication to Matson Money shows up in long hours and impressive results. Dan graduated cum laude from Eastern Michigan University with a BA in Finance and Economics. He is currently working toward his CFA charter. Dan enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter.

Amanda Lawson
Amanda Lawson
Communications Specialist

Amanda joined the Matson Money team in March 2015. Daughter to Mark Matson, Amanda grew up eager to learn about the mission of the company. Amanda holds a bachelor’s degree in both marketing and finance. Here at Matson, she coaches advisers and investors to discover and live their dreams. She also closely works with the marketing team to create and deliver coaching tools to advisers. She is committed to sharing the Matson Money mission with every generation— She founded Matson Money’s Millennial Initiative, and works with the Matson Money Kids team to create content for Matson Money Kids Camp. Amanda has authored two books, The Millennial Initiative (2016) and Pie Day (2018), and is passionate about inspiring every member of your family to discover their American Dream. In her spare time Amanda loves running, baking, and spending time with her husband and two kids.

Donn Burrows
Donn Burrows
Documentarian & Investigative Reporter

Donn has been with Matson Money since 1993. He has directed the award winning documentaries, Navigating the Fog of Investing and How the Really Smart Money Invests: A Brief History of Investing. He has also directed documentaries for television and home video entertainment distribution. Donn has received two Emmy Awards for excellence in reporting while working on ABC and NBC television affiliates and hosting daily radio shows in Cincinnati. When Donn isn’t working he enjoys watching sports, movies and coaching girls high school varsity basketball team. Donn loves spending time with his wife, daughter, son and grandchildren.

Sean Babin
Sean Babin
Portfolio Manager

Sean graduated from the University of Nevada, Reno in 2012 with a B.S. in Finance & Economics and has been working in the financial services industry ever since. Sean joined the Matson Money team in September of 2016. He has worked his way through the ranks starting out as assistant portfolio manager and is now acting lead portfolio manager. He has earned his CFA Level 1 and is a CFA Level 2 Candidate (Exam Date June 2018). In addition to being the lead portfolio manager responsible for the management of the Free Market Funds, Sean provides research, helps with content creation for investor education, and is a co-host of Matson Money Live!. Outside of work, Sean enjoys golfing, playing basketball, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

Our academic board of advisors

We have sought individuals who support and exemplify the core values of Matson Money. Each of them is exceptional in their field and brings a new dimension of expertise to our organization. Their areas of study and skill address many different aspects of what it means to be an investor and how to leverage the power of free markets.

Members of our Academic Advisory Board provide an internal structure for researching and validating academic theories as they apply to investing. They make frequent appearances at both Matson Money coaching and investor events. This gives our clients a direct connection to some of the most well-respected and published experts in the fields of economics, investing and statistics.

Academic Advisory Board members receive compensation from Matson Money for their services, and in exchange, provide independent consulting services to Matson Money leadership, co-author white papers, appear on Matson Money webcasts, and make speeches at Matson Money conferences.

Arthur B. Laffer

Arthur B. Laffer, Ph.D.

Member of President Reagan's Economic Policy Advisory Board (both terms), 1981-1989
Founder and Chairman of Laffer Associates
Bachelors of Economics, Yale University
MBA, Ph.D., Economics, Stanford University

Dr. Laffer's economic acumen brings a distinct advantage to Matson Money, our coaches, and clients with insights on the implication of economic policy on savers and investors. Frequently referred to as "The Father of Supply-Side Economics," Dr. Laffer helps navigate the complexities of the economy, interest rates, and tax efficiency as it applies to portfolio construction.

Terrance Odean

Terrance Odean, Ph.D.

Rudd Family Foundation Professor of Finance
Haas School of Business, University of California
Bachelors of Statistics, UC Berkeley
Masters of Finance, UC Berkeley
Ph.D., Finance, UC Berkeley

Terrance Odean is a leader in the field of behavioral finance, boasting extensive research in the area of investor behavior, investor biases and habits. His research reveals how behavior can destroy investor performance and the ability to create wealth. Dr. Odean's expertise is essential to the creation of coaching systems and tools for prudent long–term investing.

R. Lyman Ott

R. Lyman Ott, Ph.D.

Bachelors of Mathematics and Education, Bucknell University
Masters of Mathematics, Bucknell University
Ph.D., Statistics, Virginia Tech

As an expert in the field of statistics, Dr. Ott lends his expertise to Matson Money and investors by actively analyzing and providing third party validation for the economic and financial research upon which our portfolios are constructed. His scrutiny indicates the probability of outcomes concerning the implementation of specific investing strategies. His analysis of the existence and confirmation of "The Barbell Effect" has a significant impact on the design of Matson Money portfolios.

Daniel Wheeler

Daniel M. Wheeler

University of California, Berkeley

Having founded Dimensional Fund Advisors' Financial Advisor Services group, Dan Wheeler has been instrumental in bringing modern portfolio theory to fee-only financial advisers. Throughout his career, Dan has helped build the adviser community and change investment advice in retail markets, transforming what was a broker-driven system into one of financial education and coaching.