Vice President of Advisor Relations

Since the age of 7, when economic hardship struck his family and altered their lives forever, Alex Ash was consumed with finding a way to safeguard others from similar misfortune. This life’s mission led him to obtain a B.Sc. in Business from Elon University with a concentration in Finance. 

Mr. Ash subsequently took a role at Legg Mason—at the time one of the most recognized investment firms in the industry. He continued on with Legg Mason through its merger to Smith Barney, and eventually moved over to the insurance business at MassMutual. After a few years working with families as a financial advisor, however, Mr. Ash was becoming increasingly disenchanted by the realization that the industry as a whole was little more than a pipeline for selling products that produced lackluster results. It was at this critical juncture in his life that he attended one of Mark Matson’s events which clarified the source of the problems with the industry and introduced him to a powerful alternative: empirically tested Nobel Prize winning investing principles. Six months later, Mr. Matson offered Mr. Ash a job at Matson Money; he enthusiastically accepted that offer and has now been with the company for more than a dozen years.

In his role as VP of Advisor Relations, Mr. Ash coaches financial advisors to run the Matson Method, to save families from speculating and gambling, and to grow successful businesses. He has enjoyed speaking at numerous industry conferences and in front of thousands of investors all over the country. He also introduces new Advisors to the Matson Money platform and serves as a liaison between Matson Money and institutions such as the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. Mr. Ash is trained in the life-altering coaching methods originated by Werner Erhard and taught by Steve Zaffron and the Vanto Group. He is an unrelenting stand for love, family, and the freedom to live an adventurous life. A lover of travelling and golf, Mr. Ash has taken full advantage of the golf lifestyle in Arizona.