Matson Money Wins 13 NYX Video Awards

Matson Money is extremely proud to announce that we are the winner of thirteen NYX Awards in the video category, including 5 Grand Winner awards, 7 Gold Winner awards and 1 Silver.

These NYX Video Awards recognize the best visual work by creatives around the world who continuously find new ways of transforming the marketing industry. Selected by a panel of jurors from across the globe, winners represent some of the best marketing communications presented on the international stage of global communications.

The Final Bell

Our work for The Final Bell, a short video demonstrating how to pick yourself up after defeat, take a stand and not let anything get in your way, takes home two Grand Winner awards – one in the Sales Motivation category and the other in the Financial Services category – as well as a Gold Winner award in the Writing/Script category.

When You Discover It

A brand video that expresses the central element of our investing philosophy – which is to begin with a purpose greater than money – When You Discover It wins a Grand Winner award in the Sales Motivation category. It is also a Gold Winner in the Financial Services category.

You’re Breathing Fire

This is a brand video that captures the essence of Matson Money – the personal triumph of fulfilling on futures we create. In this video, we alternate between the stories of five athletes, taking us into each of their respective lives as they go through preparations and performance, struggles and triumphs, and the ultimate culmination of winning their game. This video is a two-time Grand Winner with an award in the Sales Motivation category and another in the Cinematography category. You’re Breathing Fire also won two Gold Winner awards in the Financial Services category and the Writing/Script category.

In Search of Humans

Also winning two Gold Winner awards (for both the Sales Motivation category and the Financial Services category), our In Search Of Humans video is a cinematic portrayal of the science behind breakthrough performance (elegantly explained in the book The Three Laws of Performance by Steve Zaffron and Dave Logan), providing key practices to achieve outstanding results as a team.

Navy Seal Discovers The Power of Coaching

Again, in the Financial Services category, our video, Navy Seal Discovers The Power of Coaching, also wins both gold and silver in the Sales Motivation category. This video showcases Purple Heart Navy Seal, Daniel Cnossen, who lost both his legs in the war in Afghanistan and spent almost a year in the hospital with dozens of surgeries. Cnossen shares about the power of coaching in his quest to compete in the Paralympics where he went on to win six medals with a gold in the Biathlon.

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