Begin with a purpose
greater than money.

Discover your true purpose at the
American Dream Experience.

Why We Exist

Purpose transforms your actions and attitudes around money.

Discovering your true purpose for money and for your life transforms everything about your experience of investing—in an instant.

That is why, at the core of our business—including all of the financial education, coaching, and strategies we offer—we start with an exploration of your purpose. This exploration alone could very well alter your family’s financial future in ways that go beyond what you imagine possible.

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One of the most important choices you can make.


The world is in need of the strong and the free.


Our goal is to spark a revolution of financial freedom in the world.

Live Freely

Reclaiming Your American Dream.

At its roots, the American Dream has nothing to do with consumption. It is about the freedom to work hard and fight for your family, the freedom to create value, and the freedom to leave this world a better place for all its future inhabitants.

Find out how at the next American Dream Experience.


Academic Investing Principles

Matson Money’s investment approach is rooted in empirically tested economic principles.

Our coaching and investment strategies are informed by the Nobel Prize-winning research of Harry Markowitz (who is a legacy member of our academic board) and Eugene Fama, among other leading economists.

Our Values

  • Integrity

    We are our word.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

    Our unwavering commitment to innovation, creativity and service.

  • Education & Inquiry

    The continuous pursuit of financial academic theory.
    Being the leader in the application of empirically tested Nobel Prize-winning investing principles.

  • Training & Development

    Transforming investors to be prudent and disciplined throughout an entire lifetime.

  • Capitalism

    We are a stand that a free market pricing system inspires competition, innovation and wealth creation.