Your dreams matter, and your investments can help you get there. At Matson Money, we believe that investing is for anyone eager to create wealth and pursue their American Dream.

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Save the investor. Save the world.

For 25 years, Matson Money has helped over 33,000 clients stop gambling with their investments, managing over $8.6 billion.

We're invested in 45 countries and over 16,000 holdings for broad global diversification.


$33 million


$8.6 billion

Assets Under Management

1991 — 2017

The Evolution of Matson Money: A Video History

A scathing rebuke of the Wall Street Bullies and how Academic Investing can help protect the family portfolio.

Over 20 years ago Mark Matson challenged the hyper-active investing establishment and his message still resonates in this unedited re-release from the video vault.

The Godfather of Matson Money.

The First Quarter Century of Matson Money.

The Furest family of Michigan. How Entrepreneurs across America engage with Matson Money.

Why is the Berlin Wall part of the Matson Money Freedom Center and how did it get there?

We've been fighting the Wall Street bullies for 25 years, and the press has noticed.

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