About Matson Money

We’re the investor coaching company.

We provide breakthrough education, tools, and coaching that helps families transform their financial futures.

From The CEO

“Nearly three decades ago, our company was born out of a watershed moment, when it became crystal clear to me that the financial industry does not serve the interests of investors. Since that moment, we’ve built a fiercely entrepreneurial company that strives to put your interests, your dreams, your life’s purpose front and center.”


About Matson Money

Backed by Nobel Prize Winning Research

We empower investors to stop speculating and gambling with their life’s savings and achieve peace of mind. We’re built on empirically tested academic investing principles with real life impact. In knowledge, there is power, and our company is designed to help every investor know exactly what they are doing with their money, and why.

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    Founder & CEO

    Mark Matson is an American entrepreneur, author, and innovator in the ...

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    Executive Vice President

    Married to Mark Matson for the past twelve years, Melissa joined Matso...

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    Chief Compliance Officer

    Dan has been with Matson Money since August 1994. Over the years, Dan ...

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    Vice President of Research & Development/Program Design

    Michelle has been with Matson Money since 1992. From operations to mar...

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    Vice President of Coaching

    As the youngest member of Matson Money’s executive team, having rise...

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  • Matt Matson

    Vice President of Technology

    A founding team member of Matson Money, Matt Matson has brought innova...

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  • Our Story

    Learn more about why we exist and our company history.


Academic Advisory Board

We have sought individuals who support and exemplify the core values of Matson Money. Each of them is exceptional in their field and brings a new dimension of expertise to our organization. Their areas of study and skill address many different aspects of what it means to be an investor and how to leverage the power of free markets.

Members of our Academic Advisory Board provide an internal structure for researching and validating academic theories as they apply to investing. They make frequent appearances at both Matson Money coaching and investor events. This gives our clients a direct connection to some of the most well-respected and published experts in the fields of economics, investing and statistics.

Academic Advisory Board members receive compensation from Matson Money for their services, and in exchange, provide independent consulting services to Matson Money leadership, co-author white papers, appear on Matson Money webcasts, and make speeches at Matson Money conferences.

  • Harry M. Markowitz, Ph.D.

    1990 The Nobel Prize in Economics, Modern Portfolio Theory

    Harry Markowitz received the Nobel Prize for Economics in 1990 for his...

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  • Arthur B. Laffer, Ph.D.

    Member of President Reagan’s Economic Policy Advisory Board (both terms), 1981-1989

    Dr. Laffer’s economic acumen brings a distinct advantage to Matson M...

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  • Terrance Odean, Ph.D.

    Rudd Family Foundation Professor of Finance Haas School of Business, University of California

    Terrance Odean is a leader in the field of behavioral finance, boastin...

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  • R. Lyman Ott, Ph.D.

    Bachelors of Mathematics and Education, Bucknell University

    As an expert in the field of statistics, Dr. Ott lends his expertise t...

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  • Meir Statman, Ph.D.

    Glenn Klimek Professor of Finance, Santa Clara University,

    Investor behavior and decision making is a key component to reaching l...

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  • David Eagleman, Ph.D.

    Neuroscientist at Stanford University

    David Eagleman is a neuroscientist at Stanford University, an internat...

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