Matson Money Brand Ambassadors

An elite group of advisor coaches.

Empowering families in discovering their True Purpose for Money™ by transforming the investing experience, leaving them with an opportunity for freedom, fulfillment, and love.


Brand Ambassadors help investors transform their relationship to money through ongoing coaching and education that can help generate long-term wealth creation. With cutting edge technology, they help develop investors to be prudent and disciplined throughout a lifetime.

  1. Distinguished

    Matson Money’s Brand Ambassadors have been trained by a dynamic team of award-winning business leaders and coaches. They are extensively developed in the application of academic investing science and human performance. Investors can have confidence in their long-term investing strategy, knowing they have a coach who is committed to help save them from speculating and gambling with their hard-earned money.

    To overcome obstacles within ourselves and in the world, it takes a powerful ally. A Brand Ambassador is just that – a premier, world-class coach who can help keep investors on track to fulfill their financial future.

  2. Champions of the
    American Dream

    Through the Brand Ambassador Program, the American Dream Experience is available to families in cities across the country, and with the launch of Breakthrough Investing – our global initiative – this two-day educational event is now available in Puerto Rico, and Canada. Brand Ambassadors are being trained and developed to become certified to lead the American Dream Experience in their communities, making academic investing principles accessible to families around the globe.

  3. Bold Entrepreneurial

    Matson Money Brand Ambassadors are a demonstration of their commitment to our entrepreneurial spirit, an unwavering dedication to innovation, creativity and service. They are a stand for families everywhere to have an opportunity to recapture, reclaim, and realize their American Dream.