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  • The Journey Toward Disillusionment and How Not to Lose Faith in Your Investing Strategy When the Deck Feels Stacked Against You

    Investing can often feel like navigating a labyrinth, especially when market predictions fail and your portfolio takes a hit. Investors, swayed by so-called experts, may find their faith in their investing strategy fading as they face losses and uncertainties. It is critical for investors to build their investing strategy on prudent investing principles, so they…

  • Can a CPA be a Financial Advisor?

    Exploring New Horizons: How can a CPA add financial services to their practice? In an evolving financial landscape, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are uniquely positioned to expand their professional offerings and client service by integrating financial advisory services into their practices. At Matson Money, we understand the transformational impact this can bring, not only to…

  • Deciphering the AI Hype: Can Artificial Intelligence Beat the Market?

    From generating professional headshots to writing compelling content, many are buzzing about the illustrious phenomenon of artificial intelligence. But to what end? And the bigger question on the minds of many in the financial industry: Can AI beat the market? While the AI intrigue is relatively new, Wall Street has been attempting to use computers…

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