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  • The Most Dangerous Game

    There may be big trends to follow in the market, but in the high-stakes world of investing, are you willing to play games with your life’s dreams? As IPOs and Bitcoin continue to make headlines, and news of hot stocks and the S&P seem to carry the day, investors may be tempted to take on…

  • Heed The Warning Signs

    GameStop and Robinhood are making big headlines lately. As the news perpetuates, the investor biases kick-in and many people buy-in to the frenzy – encouraged by the ease with which popular online trading platforms make it to trade in a matter of seconds. There’s talk of financial regulations, but how can investors regulate themselves –…

  • A K-Shaped Recovery – Which Side Are You On?

    With the prospect of another stimulus being passed, what can we expect to happen and how will the market – and the economy – react? It’s possible that we are experiencing a K-shaped recovery, and investors may be tempted to focus on Fortune 500 and tech stocks and ignore other indicators, but is this the…

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