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  • Are We Heading for An Unmitigated Disaster In the US?

    Could the infrastructure and spending plans of the administration cause an unmitigated disaster for the US? With inflation spiking, supply shortages, and labor shortages, it seems there’s no shortage of evidence as to why there might be trying times ahead. Meanwhile, riding on the coat tails of a long-running bull market may be leaving investors…

  • 10,000 Reasons Not To Bet On Amazon

    There’s a lot of talk now in the news about a wealth tax and the spending package, and the potential impact these can have on both Wall Street and Main Street. If the current rising inflation is any indication of what’s to come, investors may be likely to panic, and we could see the same…

  • Will There Be New Regulatory Burdens and Costs on Financial Institutions?

    The administration has a plan to extend the IRS’ reach to have bank transactions over $600 reported in an effort to garner $463 billion in additional personal income tax over the next decade. Financial experts are pushing back, asserting this could place undue regulatory and compliance burdens and costs on banks and other financial institutions….

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