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  • Built to Last: Engineering a Portfolio to Survive in Volatile Markets

    COVID-19 has beset us with two crises: first, a public health crisis and second, an economic crisis brought on by our response to the first. Now, more than ever, it is critical to fortify yourself from the pandemic of panic that is running rampant in the market, fueled by this unprecedented current situation. To address…

  • Combating Anxiety, Staying Sane in a Bear Market

    Mark Matson was recently featured along with other financial industry experts in a US News & World Report article – “How to Invest in a Bear Market According to Behavioral Economists” – where he provided his insights into behaviors of investors in a tumultuous market. Emotional reactions can be expected, but there are actions investors…

  • What It Will Take To See Us Out of This Crisis

    Mark Matson made a recent appearance on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria where he was interviewed by show host, Cheryl Casone, and discussed the current environment and the impact on investors. Mark talked talk about the unpredictability of markets and the choices investors can make to stay focused so they don’t let market volatility –…

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