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  • The Rise of Digital Banking: How Technology is Changing the Financial Landscape

    Looking towards the direction the financial industry may be headed, where is the adoption of digital technology fitting into the space? Is paying with cash, having in-person meetings, and even going to an ATM becoming non-existent? Or are those things here to stay but with a twist on technology? Financial activity is already becoming increasingly…

  • Risky Business: How Understanding Risk Can Impact Your Financial Wellbeing

    Following a broadly volatile year, are investors still on a train plummeting toward financial distress in 2023? According to one study, 67% of Americans are more concerned about paying bills right now than saving for retirement; 82% worry rising inflation will continue to have a negative impact on their purchasing power; and 77% of those…

  • Treating Investing Like a Scientist

    Matson Money is proud to announce we are the winners of three 2023 MUSE Creative Awards for the Video Invest Like a Scientist. The MUSE Creative Awards recognize creative and design professionals. It is an international competition for creators who inspire others with their concepts, ideas or designs.1 Invest Like A Scientist earned gold in…

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