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  • Matson Money Coaches Corner | Kim Trinh on her American Dream

    Kim Trinh, who has been with Matson Money since 2019, and joined our coaching team in 2022, recently shared what the American Dream means to her and how she is fulfilling on her True Purpose for Money. Her Story The daughter of a Vietnam War Veteran and proud capitalist, Kim Trinh’s American Dream came to…

  • Help Protect Yourself and Your Financial Future Against the Wall Street Bullies

    There are Wall Street Bullies who can profit from destroying your dreams. “You are in a battle for your financial well-being, and you do have enemies,” said Mark Matson, Founder and CEO of Matson Money. “Your primary adversaries are Wall Street behemoths who can potentially profit and prosper by keeping you mired in problems.” Wall…

  • Five Ways You Can Discover Your True Purpose for Money

    What does it take to be a successful investor? Many financial professionals spend a lot of time discussing asset allocation, risk tolerance, and portfolio diversification. While these can be critical aspects of investing, the discussion should begin by finding your True Purpose for Money. The investing landscape has changed; just as there was an “old…

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