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  • Advisor Coaching Can Help Financial Advisors Grow their Businesses and Avoid Consolidation

    As financial advisors navigate a fast-changing industry, many professionals feel they have no choice but to sell a large stake of their business to a bigger entity. The rise of Robo advisors, coupled with rapid consolidation in the wealth management industry, and an increase in self-directed investing, has made it tough for smaller financial advisors…

  • Through The Lens of Today’s Headlines: A Message From Mark Matson

    Now is the time to be in action. While current events and dialogue from the media may be provoking fear and panic for some investors, at Matson Money, our message is unwavering: it is never the right time to panic. “It would be easy to see the triple threat of war, recession, and inflation as…

  • The Truth Behind Robinhood’s Gamified “Investing”

    The global pandemic triggered an explosion in retail investing. This was due to several factors including (but not limited to) people receiving US Government stimulus checks, lockdown boredom, or simply the perception of making a slow, steady buck is no longer a viable option in the current economy. And with the rise of retail investing…

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