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  • Matson Money’s Intention for the Year

    Upon a quick web search of “I’m an investor, what should I do in 2023?” a wave of options appear on what an investor ‘should’ do in the year ahead. Looking back at what the markets were doing, 2021 ended with Crypto enthusiasts in full swing and Bitcoin being above $50,000.1 Stocks were trading just…

  • When the Clouds Clear After a Perfect Storm, Which Side Will Investors Find Themselves On?

    Are you equipped to weather the perfect storm? Founder and CEO of Matson Money, Mark Matson, was published in Wealth Management’s 2023 Market Outlook where he shared how investors can stay disciplined despite outside sources potentially creating cause for concern around their financial future. Mark uncovers how investors can counter their natural instincts to panic…

  • 2022 in Review for the Investing Experience

    Whether you consider yourself to be an avid investor or a novice, 2022 could potentially have been worse for the investing industry when compared to 2008.1 If you were among many at the start of the year, few believed that 2022 would end up as it did. The perfect storm arrived when it came to…

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