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  • A K-Shaped Recovery – Which Side Are You On?

    With the prospect of another stimulus being passed, what can we expect to happen and how will the market – and the economy – react? It’s possible that we are experiencing a K-shaped recovery, and investors may be tempted to focus on Fortune 500 and tech stocks and ignore other indicators, but is this the…

  • Could Your Portfolio Withstand A Crash?

    Last week, while the news was reporting on more chaotic events, the DOW was rallying to an all-time high. Investors might be tempted to react – even to panic and make a rash decision – that could have disastrous long-term consequences. Instead of reacting, investors could pause and analyze their portfolio, and they might be…

  • Investment News Magazine Features Matson Money as a Leading TAMP

    Investment News magazine, a leading publication in the financial industry, featured Matson Money as a leading TAMP in 2020 by assets under management. 2020 has been an exciting year for us. With our investment methodology grounded in empirically proven academic investing science, any challenges presented this last year due to COVID and reactions in the…

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