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  • What Is The Real Root Of All Evil?

    In recent news, officials are calling for centralization and making it an equal playing field across the globe. At the same time, many blockbuster Hollywood films are portraying big businessmen as the bad guys who must be stopped at all costs. Between this rhetoric coming from Capitol Hill and these over-the-top movie plots, there is…

  • The Most Dangerous Game

    There may be big trends to follow in the market, but in the high-stakes world of investing, are you willing to play games with your life’s dreams? As IPOs and Bitcoin continue to make headlines, and news of hot stocks and the S&P seem to carry the day, investors may be tempted to take on…

  • Heed The Warning Signs

    GameStop and Robinhood are making big headlines lately. As the news perpetuates, the investor biases kick-in and many people buy-in to the frenzy – encouraged by the ease with which popular online trading platforms make it to trade in a matter of seconds. There’s talk of financial regulations, but how can investors regulate themselves –…

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