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  • 5 Things You Should Know About Academic Investing Science and Why It Matters for Your Financial Future

    In the world of portfolio management, where chasing “hot stocks” and “beating-the-market” seem to rule the day, many investors inevitably lose out, suffering huge losses and destroying their portfolios, or, at best, enduring ongoing stress and uncertainty trying to figure out what to do next. However, as an investor, a basic knowledge of academic investing…

  • Matson Money Wins 13 NYX Video Awards

    Matson Money is extremely proud to announce that we are the winner of thirteen NYX Awards in the video category, including 5 Grand Winner awards, 7 Gold Winner awards and 1 Silver. These NYX Video Awards recognize the best visual work by creatives around the world who continuously find new ways of transforming the marketing…

  • What It Will Take To See Us Out Of The Chaos

    Amidst the chaos and ongoing economic uncertainty, investors may inevitably look short-term and try to pick the latest “hot” stocks – tempted to speculate and gamble with their money by the latest headlines and an abundance of online trading platforms. But focusing on the short term can have disastrous consequences for an investor. Check out…

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