Transforming financial futures with integrity.

Nobody can predict the market. Advisors who work with Matson Money don’t pretend they can. Instead, they deliver refreshing truths, based on a foundation of Nobel Prize-winning research.

Advisors who work with us help investors pursue long-term results using the Matson Method. And with cutting-edge coaching technologies, they develop investors to be disciplined throughout a lifetime.

  1. Help your clients achieve peace of mind around money.

    It’s unacceptable that the investing industry profits when investors make irrational, fear-driven decisions. There is a better way! Join our stand that free markets work. Arm your clients with simple, profound truths about wealth. Help them experience calm no matter what’s happening. When markets go up and down, your clients don’t have to.

  2. Breakthrough coaching to elevate your business.

    We know how to help Advisors free themselves from traditional financial planning and industry traps. With some of the most accomplished business coaches in the world, we will train you to take actions that scale your business and free you to serve your clients without ever compromising your integrity.

  3. An unwavering approach for over three decades.

    As an advisor working with Matson Money, you can be confident you are part of a team that is built on a solid and unassailable foundation. Since founding Matson Money in 1991, Mark Matson has not flinched once in his message of beginning with a purpose greater than money and investing based on free market principles.