Founder & CEO

Since founding Matson Money in 1991, Mark has taken a courageous stand to help investors discover their true purpose for life and for money. He is the source of the Matson Method, the innovator of Mind Over Money, and the leader of the American Dream Experience—all of which equip advisors and investors with the knowledge so that they can make sound and educated choices about their financial future.

Mark’s unrelenting message is to begin with a purpose greater than money and then apply prudent investing strategies and free-market principles towards the fulfillment of that purpose. He has shared this message as an author, producer and on hundreds of TV appearances as a frequently sought after financial commentator. Mark received his Bachelor’s degree in Business with a major in Finance and Accounting from Miami University.

He is an avid cyclist, serves on the board of directors of several charities, and resides with his beautiful wife, Melissa, in Scottsdale, Arizona, where Matson Money is headquartered. Together, Mark and Melissa are the blessed parents of eight children.