Vice President of Training & Development

As the youngest member of Matson Money’s executive team, having risen to the role of Vice President before the age of 30, Josh Crawford is developing a team of highly trained and effective business coaches. Mr. Crawford’s team applies rigorous standards in the country-wide implementation of the Matson Method—a breakthrough approach that integrates advanced technologies of human behavior and Nobel Prize winning economic principles into a single science of investing. In addition to leading this team, he is the personal coach to more than one hundred financial advisors across the United States.

After two years on a full ride scholarship at the University of Charleston and making the Dean’s list in the business program at Cincinnati State Technical College, Mr. Crawford accepted Mark Matson’s invitation to join Matson Money and help lead a revolution in the investing industry. His six years in this capacity have been marked by progressive leadership roles and increasing responsibility for the future of the company.

Mr. Crawford has a background as a top performer in sales roles and is highly trained in the ontological approaches to transformation and human performance originated by Werner Erhard and taught by Steve Zaffron and the Vanto Group. He is the founder of the Christmas Carnival Cornhole Tournament, an event that raised over $40,000 in its first year to help under-privileged children in the Greater Phoenix Community experience Christmas, in partnership with Family Promise of Arizona.

A deep sea fishing and snorkeling enthusiast, Mr. Crawford is also passionate about many athletic pursuits including baseball, basketball, and hiking. He is a quick study who enjoys reading and learning about many topics.

Mr. Crawford lives in Scottsdale with his wife, Alex, and their two daughters. He is committed that his life is used to make a significant positive impact on the overall quality of existence for human beings on the planet.