Advisor Coaching Can Help Financial Advisors Grow their Businesses and Avoid Consolidation

Matson Money, Advanced Advisor Conference

As financial advisors navigate a fast-changing industry, many professionals feel they have no choice but to sell a large stake of their business to a bigger entity. The rise of Robo advisors, coupled with rapid consolidation in the wealth management industry, and an increase in self-directed investing, has made it tough for smaller financial advisors to remain independent, which for many is central to their mission as fiduciary advisors.

While some strategies such as improved technology and processes can help drive efficiency and trim costs, it’s not a substitute for the kind of innovation that can lead to significant business growth. Advisors who want to stay independent while also growing their businesses need to think outside the box—and one area they should consider is advisor coaching.

What is advisor coaching? We all know that a strong support system can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s a personal goal such as losing weight and getting healthy or a business goal such as starting or growing a business. “Top performers in the world and most people that have great results in life have found a mentor or coach to provide input, to motivate, to guide, to observe, to correct, to suggest. The power of coaching as a strategy for succeeding in life is powerful and almost like a secret weapon. Find someone who already knows how to get the result you want, and get them to be your coach,” said Mark Matson, on the power of coaching.

Most people – whether aware of it or not – follow a “no talk rule” when it comes to money. But money is a critical part of almost everything we do and our relationship to and how we talk about money can have a powerful impact on our lives now and in the future.

Matson Money is transforming the investing experience for families… and it starts with a powerful and open conversation about their relationship around money. Advisors are introduced to the Matson Method, an investing strategy that integrates leading research in behavioral economics, finance, neuropsychology, and the field of human performance studies into an innovative investing science. Our work helps transform people’s relationships with money, including both the mathematical and the human dimensions of wealth creation.

At Matson Money’s American Dream Experience, advisors bring clients and prospects together to encounter potentially life-altering truths about economics and investing while engaging in a profound exploration of their families’ financial futures. By bringing investors together rather than simply working one-on-one, advisors can create powerful connections that can help investors realize the power that exists in language and how it can transform their relationship with money. “Money is not physical – money lives in a conversation, a phenomenon of language,” Matson said.

In October of 2021, at the height of the pandemic, when businesses from all industries were struggling to connect with customers and clients, Matson Money held its first-ever, virtual American Dream Experience which brought together over 1000 advisors and investors to discover their true purpose for money. Since launching the American Dream Experience concept in 2017, Matson Money has held 16 large-scale events, both in-person and virtual in addition to taking the American Dream Experience on tour with our partnership with Brand Ambassadors. During these potentially life-altering events, guests had the opportunity to transform their relationship with money from stress or scarcity to being on a journey toward fulfilling on their life’s purpose.

The American Dream Experience is a profound, open, and honest look at what often goes undiscussed with families and their financial future. “Money – whether we like it or not – runs through the fabric of everything.” Mark Matson starts the American Dream Experience. Advisors come together by reinforcing their investment strategy with clients and showcasing the philosophy behind the approach in a group setting which fosters camaraderie and sharing. Potentially inspiring them to define what their American Dream is with freedom, fulfillment, and love.

Why spend two days at the American Dream Experience with Mark Matson and Josh Crawford?
“You have the opportunity to come away with knowledge and expertise that can allow you to be a prudent investor and to powerfully connect with your American Dream,” said Mark Matson, on the American Dream Experience. When it comes to business, owners must consider how best to maximize resources. Large-scale events like the American Dream Experience allow advisors to educate investors, and investors who attend can learn more about investing by working together in groups and taking a stand to become ONE community.

Like any business owner, advisors must look at the competitive landscape, identify white space and then fill that need. While investors have tremendous access to information, they are increasingly starved for human connection and guidance. Looking at all the great companies in the world, that have changed the world, they have one thing in common – they always start with a clear purpose. “If you don’t actually know what you stand for and why you want to make the world a better place and what your purpose is, you can easily get yanked off course,” Mark Matson states. Your purpose is like your compass, to guide you in the direction. Matson Money’s purpose is freedom, fulfillment, and love.  When you find your purpose and you put it out there, other people with a similar purpose are attracted to you and now you’re building community and building the power of what you are creating as a company – and that’s the power of purpose.

Want to learn more about the American Dream Experience and how to powerfully create your true purpose for money? Contact us today.

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