Are We Heading for An Unmitigated Disaster In the US?

Could the infrastructure and spending plans of the administration cause an unmitigated disaster for the US? With inflation spiking, supply shortages, and labor shortages, it seems there’s no shortage of evidence as to why there might be trying times ahead. Meanwhile, riding on the coat tails of a long-running bull market may be leaving investors over-confident and relying on the very things that got them in trouble nearly two decades ago.

Will history repeat itself?

No one can tell when a crash will happen next. One thing is certain though… just as history tells us, the next one is coming. Check out Mark’s recent appearance on Fox Business’ “Maria Bartiromo’s Wall Street” for his comments on why investors should look at history, and what it can tell them, about what to avoid and what they can do to see them through trying times.