Four Ways To Create The Future

It takes more than hard work and determination to have an extraordinary life. You may have a nice life. You may have a successful life. But are you selling yourself short of something great?

At Matson Money, we are a stand for transformation. We are a stand for innovative leadership that empowers others to live into a created future. And we want to share this experience with you.

“All of us have a future that we are moving toward but we don’t think about it very seriously,” said Josh Crawford, Vice President of Coaching at Matson Money. “What I want to submit for your consideration is that the future we have is incredibly important because it has an enormous impact on every aspect of our lives right now.”

Our vision, thoughts, plans, actions, values, and views of ourselves and others are consistent with the future we have.

“The future is not important for the sake of the future, the future is important for the right now’s sake,” added Mark Matson, Founder, and CEO of Matson Money.

Having some future is inevitable. It exists for all of us, but it is not the same for everyone. Transformation and breakthrough results – in life and business – are only possible when you pivot from a default predictable future into a created future.

1. It begins with an authentic inventory of yourself.

Identifying your default predictable future is critical to creating and fulfilling on a created future. The default predictable future is the future that is automatically there rather than one that is consciously created. It is predictable because it is given by the past and consequently is likely to repeat itself. “There’s a direction that you are headed and if you don’t change directions, nothing new or unimaginable will occur,” said Crawford.

To change the trajectory of your future from a default predictable future, you must first explore it. Once you have identified your default predictable future, a clean slate can exist. And on that slate, you can create a future from the future full of that which was previously unimaginable.

2. The future exists in language.

The only place the future ever is, is in our talking and hearing about it. Because it exists in language, the future is only ever in our speaking and listening. It is therefore malleable and up for creation. If we can identify our default predictable future as a conversation, we can create the possibility of a new future through a new conversation. No language, no future, period.

Helen Keller described her first experience with language as this: “Then, suddenly, I knew not how or where or when, my brain felt the impact of another mind, and I awoke to language.”1 Later, she said, “I knew only darkness and stillness, my life was without past or future…but a little word from the fingers of another fell into my hand that clenched at emptiness, and my heart leaped at the rapture of living.”2

Language is an immeasurable gift that has the power to create something significant both personally and in your business.

3. The default predictable future is the death of your business.

“The reality for your business is not slow marginal growth, the reality is fast marginal death,” said Matson. “If you don’t transform, your business is dead. The future will be absolutely guaranteed what was impossible in the past.

Just as the lightbulb replaced the candle, the car replaced the horse and buggy, and the iPhone replaced the camera and phone, history has shown us that anything in opposition to change is at risk of being replaced.  “In the investing industry, with today’s technology, an investor can take their account from you in less than five clicks,” said Crawford.

To avoid extinction, we must innovate.

The paradox is, to be human is to put your past in the future, but to succeed in business, you need to constantly create a future that is distinct from the past.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them,” Crawford said. A new future is imperative to survival. In business, to create a future from the future, it takes courage to be willing to disrupt everything for what is possible.

Author Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe said: “Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”3

4. Creating Matson Money’s 2030 Future

Breakthrough business results require creating a breakthrough future. With this in mind, Matson Money created our 2030 future – a future of having transformed an entire industry, fulfilling on our mission to save the investor and save the world.

“We had to eliminate the complexity that was distracting us from the future we were creating,” said Matson. “Experience says entertain me. Transformation says change me, make me capable of something I was never capable of before.”

At Matson Money, our purpose is to empower families in discovering their true purpose for money by transforming the investing experience, leaving them with the opportunity for freedom, fulfillment, and love.

We are fulfilling on our future through our breakthrough training, the American Dream Experience, where families have the opportunity to discover their true purpose in life and redefine their relationship with money.

We are accelerating that mission by equipping other financial coaches to be leaders in their communities and be at the source of a transformational experience for their clients and families as Brand Ambassadors.

“The future of the industry will not be what was done in the past,” Matson said. “Every 3 years I have to damage it to change it before someone else does. Innovate or die.”

To learn more about the American Dream Experience and how you can create a future you never saw possible, click here.

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All investing involves risks and costs. The information contained in this material is for educational purposes only and is not intended as investment advice. No investment strategy, including asset allocation and diversification strategies) can ensure peace of mind, guarantee profit, or protect against loss.