Investment News Magazine Features Matson Money as a Leading TAMP

Investment News magazine, a leading publication in the financial industry, featured Matson Money as a leading TAMP in 2020 by assets under management.

2020 has been an exciting year for us. With our investment methodology grounded in empirically proven academic investing science, any challenges presented this last year due to COVID and reactions in the market have been taken in stride by the Matson Money community. This is because we are steadfast in our stance to stay prudent and disciplined over a lifetime of investing, eliminating the need for stock-picking or market-timing. As a result, advisors and investors working with Matson Money do not react to news or movements in the market, but rather, stay focused on long-term investing goals.

We greatly appreciate the acknowledgement from Investment News as we continue to build a community of advisor coaches and investors transforming the investing experience while discovering their true purpose for money.

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