Will There Be New Regulatory Burdens and Costs on Financial Institutions?

The administration has a plan to extend the IRS’ reach to have bank transactions over $600 reported in an effort to garner $463 billion in additional personal income tax over the next decade. Financial experts are pushing back, asserting this could place undue regulatory and compliance burdens and costs on banks and other financial institutions.

Matson Money’s Founder and CEO, Mark Matson, is one of these experts featured in a Newsmax Finance article, “Outrage Builds Over Expansion of IRS Reach”, where he provides his insights on how a plan like this could seriously impact families and entrepreneurs – many of which are the types of clients served by Matson Money. Mark speaks to his concern about the government’s growing reach into people’s personal lives, and the potential impact this can have on their financial futures. As in all of Mark’s appearances, his statements in this article are underlined by his commitment to families recapturing, reclaiming, and realizing their American Dreams.

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