How To Save Your Business In The Coronavirus Quarantine

The times present both challenges and opportunities. While this is always true, it has never been more the case. As we’ve said before, the dramatic change in world conditions opens extraordinary opportunities for society’s value creators and entrepreneurs to perform acts of invention, contribution, and leadership. As with the economic crises of the past, this too shall pass. And entrepreneurs will be a significant force in improving our lives and creating and amplifying value in the world.

With that, we are focused on providing coaching and resources for entrepreneurs who seek a path to expand an existing business model or create a new idea. To do that, we are going to release a series of short videos we filmed prior to the current covid-19 situation. While you hence won’t see any reference to the lockdown situation in these talks, we believe it’s more important to release them now than ever.

It should not be forgotten that companies such as Uber, Airbnb, and many others were started in economic downturns. No matter what the economic conditions, people aren’t going to stop dreaming. Depending on the idea you have, and the resource outlay required to turn that idea into a business, today’s conditions may be as good as any to start.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you have our respect. We wish you the utmost success and appreciate your drive to grow and create. And we hope these videos will help you create an unimaginable future for your business and for your family.