Are You Prepared To Weather The Storm?

As inflation continues to threaten the economy and global unrest surges in Europe, one thing is certain – the threat of market volatility is here for the long-run. While investors may be tempted to panic and make potentially disastrous mistakes, they can be courageous with their investing strategy and create their portfolio in a way that no matter what happens – war, recession, inflation – it can survive the impact of a volatile market over the long term.

Check out this first of three segments from Mark’s recent network appearance on Fox Business’ Cavuto Coast to Coast where he shares what investors can do to stay disciplined, and sane, when there are potentially disastrous issues making headlines.

If You’re Concerned About Inflation, This Could Do The Trick

Watch this next clip to see what is the most courageous thing investors can do for their portfolio… even when investors are panicking.

Do You Have What It Takes To Do This For Your Portfolio?

Meanwhile, while large US and tech stocks are making headlines and looking appealing today, investors might be tempted to go all in on these. But what could they really be missing out on, and what could they be putting at stake? Check out this final clip for Mark’s take on the perils of falling in love with the wrong thing.

Today’s Shiny Apple Can Be Tomorrow’s Forbidden Fruit

When markets are volatile, uncertainty can be the enemy of investors.

The trick is not to get sucked into making all-too-common mistakes – like stock-picking and market-timing – but rather to implement empirically tested academic investing principles to an investing strategy.

*All investing involves risks and costs.  No investment strategy (including asset allocation and diversification strategies) can ensure peace of mind, guarantee profit, or protect against loss.