Discover Your American Dream and Matson Money

The American Dream and Matson Money

We are well into 2022 and there have already been dramatic events that are impacting the markets as well as the world. While many know that Matson Money has a unique investment approach that integrates academic investing principles and behavioral science, some may wonder why they need Matson Money and an advisor coach?

Why Matson Money?

In the world of portfolio management, where chasing “hot stocks” and “beating the market” seems to rule the day, we don’t pretend to predict the future. Matson Money believes in applying empirically tested academic investing principles and Nobel Prize-winning financial sciences to portfolio management, allowing our advisor coaches to be less concerned about what the market is doing and more about helping their clients discover their true purpose for their money and their lives. Working with one of these advisor coaches and Matson Money allows investors to access peace of mind around their money while pursuing their dreams.

Why Do I Need an Advisor Coach?

Almost everyone has had a coach at some point in their life – maybe in sports, or acting, or business – and they know that coaches are there to bring them up, help them reach their goals, and make a difference. The advisor coaches that work with Matson Money are here to do the same, guiding investors to stay disciplined and focus on their long-term financial goals, while avoiding the perils of speculating and gambling with their money. At the same time, they are also there to guide investors to find a purpose greater than money. Finding that purpose all begins with joining us at the American Dream Experience.

“The power of coaching as a strategy to succeed at life is powerful and almost like a secret weapon for people. Find someone that already knows how to get the result you want and get them to be your coach.” – Mark Matson

About the American Dream Experience

What is your relationship to money? What is your true purpose? What are you standing for? Those are just a few questions that can come up during Matson Money’s American Dream Experience.

And best of all? They get answered.

The American Dream Experience is a compelling encounter with clear, potentially life-altering truths about economics and investing, where participants can engage in a profound exploration of their family’s financial future. Matson Money’s purpose is to empower families in discovering their true purpose by transforming the investing experience, supporting families in eliminating speculating and gambling with their money. This event is an opportunity to alter your relationship to money and invest in a way that allows you to recapture, reclaim and realize your American Dream.

Our next American Dream Experience is in July and it will be hosted virtually. This is an extraordinary opportunity for you, your guests, and your family to discover what investing really is, how it works, and how it can fulfill your purpose for your life. The event will take place over two days and an evening on July 21, 22 and the evening of July 26.

If you are interested in learning more and registering for this amazing event, follow the link here.   

Matson Money – Life on Purpose

*All investing involves risks and costs.  No investment strategy (including asset allocation and diversification strategies) can ensure peace of mind, guarantee profit, or protect against loss.