Capitalism: Giving Access to Families Recapturing, Reclaiming, and Realizing their American Dream

What is the engine that can create wealth? If it’s not stock picking, market timing, or government intervention, what is it?

“Failed attempts at creating wealth and prosperity are a result of the childish idea that by simply moving money around, you can create more of it, but true wealth creation is a more dynamic and amazing process,” said Mark Matson, Founder and CEO of Matson Money.

“It’s a process of differentiation, selection, and amplifying. In essence, economic growth is an evolutionary process that is the DNA of capitalism and has created immense wealth on our planet. As an investor, you have an opportunity to hook directly into its incredible power.”

At Matson Money, we are a proponent of free enterprise and believe capitalism can be an access to families recapturing, reclaiming, and realizing their American Dream. It is our duty to courageously, passionately, and consistently share our message to impact the world. “We all may be different, but we all have a purpose, and are you living it?” says Matson on finding your true purpose for money.

Free Markets Work

Free market systems, where voluntary economic activity is not intervened or controlled by central authorities such as the government, are generally considered by economists to produce better economic well-being than in countries where the government controls the market.1

Free market systems can produce goods and services better than any other system by creating powerful incentives to innovate and generate earnings that reflect the value being offered. 2 In free market systems, upward mobility through innovation and hard work can be possible. 2

Matson Money believes a free-market pricing system can inspire competition, innovation, and wealth creation. In a free market system, consumers determine who gets awarded.

The Heroes of Capitalism

“Entrepreneurs are today’s medieval knights,” said English Economist Alfred Marshall. “They’re heroes of capitalism.” 3

Entrepreneurs can evolve new technologies and serve the needs of consumers on a global basis, spreading prosperity and creating value for others.

“Capitalism is a double-edged sword,” said Matson. “It gives people the drive to create and innovate while providing joy and opportunity. The more economic freedoms and the more the government leaves business owners and entrepreneurs alone, the more prosperous the country. There’s a 100% correlation between freedom and prosperity.”

Capitalism and the American Dream

Do you believe that capitalism is based on the ideals of the American Dream – that everyone should have an opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative?

“You can learn a lot about someone by knowing how they spend their money and who they spend it on,” Matson said. The ideals of the American Dream offer an opportunity to create freedom, satisfaction, and equal opportunity in business, the economy, and greater society.

“When your American Dream lives inside of you, as long as you protect it, it can’t be taken from you,” said Matson. “In a free market system, it is not the monarch, the communist, or the government that determines who gets the money, but it is the consumer.”

The term American Dream is often associated with material success, where money is treated as value instead of a means to produce or measure value. However, historian James Truslow Adams, who originally coined the phrase in 1931, defined the American Dream as the ability to create a better, richer and happier life.4

“For real wealth to be created – in your portfolio, in your career, or for your business – value must be created for others,” said Matson. “To create the American Dream, it must be shared. When living the American Dream, it attracts others.”

The Happiness Equation

More prosperous countries tend to have higher happiness levels, based on a study by Our World in Data. 5 The study also found that countries that have experienced sustained economic growth also report an increase in happiness levels.5

“Capitalism isn’t perfect, but no economic system is,” said Matson. “In capitalism, when enough money is made that there is excess, that excess can fill the gaps where capitalism falls short.” Do you believe in equal outcomes or equal opportunities?

Fueling Generosity

The United States of America is the world’s most generous country in the past decade, according to the Charities Aid Foundation’s World Giving Index.6 According to the study, 72% of Americans helped a stranger, 61% made a financial donation, and 42% volunteered their time.6

“Americans donated more to charities than any other country in the world,” said Matson. “We are a country of generous people.”

Matson Money is committed to being an access for non-profit organizations to maximize the difference they can make for people around the globe. We are dedicated to being a force for creating generosity and contribution. Remember, out of many, ONE. Being one with others in the community and aligning them with your mission and vision allows you to be up to something bigger and achieve bigger things.

Creating the Future

“The goal is to experience money as abundant in your life and use it as a medium to empower yourself and others to live more fulfilling lives,” said Matson. “The great news is that you can accomplish this and make the world a better place.”

You must fight. There is always something to stand up against when it comes to creating a more prosperous future. Now is not a time to cower or make excuses. It is a time to be bold and take courageous action for your family’s financial future.  

We are committed to creating capitalism and investing for global prosperity. Learn more about Matson Money and how we have reimagined investing.


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