How Brand Ambassadors Can Revolutionize The Investing Experience For Families

Why investors should value Brand Ambassadors

Matson Money manages assets, adhering to a disciplined, structured investing methodology that integrates Nobel Prize-winning academic investing principles, leading behavioral science, and financial coaching to help transform the investing experience for families by empowering them to discover and pursue their true purpose. Since Matson Money’s inception in 1991, the firm has made an effort to help thousands of advisors and their clients rethink investing and transform their relationships with money.

Mark Matson on the importance of brand

With Matson Money’s American Dream Experience event becoming successful at empowering advisors and investors on how to discover their true purpose for money, Matson Money started a new initiative – its Brand Ambassador program – to empower advisors to host American Dream Experiences in their home cities. This initiative was designed for advisors who want to further transform their businesses and learn how to cultivate centers of influence in their local market. By becoming American Dream Experience leaders, these advisors gain an effective way to engage investors in a profound exploration of their family’s financial future and discover potentially life-altering truths about the empirical and behavioral dimensions of wealth creation. The program is squarely focused on helping advisor’s businesses thrive and to coach their clients to resist negative emotions, stick with their financial plans, and avoid potentially long-term destructive behaviors such as stock-picking, marketing timing, and track-record investing that could compromise their investment strategy and life savings. To help achieve these goals, they co-brand with Matson Money and undergo leadership training with their key team members, giving them the opportunity to align on a unique and powerful brand vision, mission, and values.

Advisors who participate in the Brand Ambassador program take part in a two-day brand intensive session where they align their team on their brand vision and mission. They have this opportunity to bring their team together to align on purpose and to help fulfill on the organization’s mission.

With a distinct brand identity in place, Matson Money works closely with Brand Ambassadors to develop key materials, messaging and strategy that will allow them to host their own American Dream Experience. Among the deliverables, Matson Money provides access to American Dream Experience copy, design, and creative assets, a brand launch video outlining the “why” for use in digital marketing, a social media digital strategy guide, and customized mailer and invitations, along with other key pieces of collateral.

Beyond promotional materials, Matson Money provides both training and logistics that can enable advisors to host successful community coaching events where they can powerfully fulfill on their new future while also generating breakthrough business results.

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