Transforming How Families Engage With Their Financial Future Through Technology

Technology is woven into almost every facet of our lives today. It has given us the opportunity to communicate with others around the world in an instant, and has made news updates, live sporting events, and other entertainment accessible form virtually anywhere.  And perhaps most notably, it has transformed the way businesses are built and operate.

Because of technology, we are faster, more efficient and have access to more information than ever before. But, with great opportunity comes great opposition. Technology is a powerful tool that can create new possibilities but can also be a catalyst for misinformation and corruption that can threaten your family’s financial future.

The next evolution of the financial industry is here, and investors are being courted by an onslaught of robo-advisors, do-it-yourself investing platforms, and automated products offering investment advice to the masses. At a time where information is being poured out at a rapid rate, what – and who – can investors trust when creating an investment strategy? And what role should technology play?

At Matson Money, our mission remains clear: To save the investor and save the world. And we are going to use technology for good, not evil to fulfill on this mission.

We have reimagined how technology impacts the fulfillment of the future.

“The future demands that we have amazing technology,” said Matt Matson, Vice President of Technology at Matson Money. “Our competitors require that we do. The technology that we are designing has the opportunity to connect families to their purpose and show them how money can fulfill on that.”

Matson Money is committed to creating technological tools to elevate coaching and allow investors and their families the opportunity to experience enhanced confidence, clarity, and purpose in their relationship with us and in their own lives. We are a stand to protect your money from fraud and cyber threats. We pledge transparency to those we serve and one another.

And that begins by creating a world-class team of elite developers and infrastructure experts that are united with our future. “We are focused on having one aligned team,” said Matson. “If you don’t have a good team, it’s not going to work.”

One of those team members is Director of Software Engineering at Matson Money, Chinmaya Samanta. “We have created an elite team that are warriors against the Wall Street Bullies that are after investors,” Samanta said.

We are laying the foundation for bringing purpose and technology together.

What does that look like?

We are committed to reinventing how families around the world engage with their financial future.  We strive for our elegant technology to be used as an indispensable and essential part of people’s daily lives – to empower and connect families in discovering and fulfilling on their true purpose.

“Elegant tells you that it’s not going to be clunky,” said Matson. “It can be beautiful, easy to use, and integral in the daily lives of advisors and investors.”

To do this, Matson Tech transitioned to a cloud-based system to protect our servers and increase speed and reliability for our clients. “We know that to achieve our 2030 future, we need an infrastructure that supports it,” he said. “It can be more resilient, easier to monitor and easier to take action if needed.”

Matson Money is committed to providing security to the client data we maintain and helping to protect the advisors who work with us and their business.

Cyber threats are not conceptual. They are a reality we live in and we must be vigilant and prepared.

We have a robust track-record of being a leader in technology for over 30 years.

Matson Tech has been instrumental in transforming the investing experiences for families since Matson Money’s inception. We continue to pursue being leaders in cutting-edge technology in our industry.

In 1996, Matson Money was one of the first financial companies to launch their website.  A year later, we began implementing emails as a primary method of communication with the advisors and in 1998, we designed our own internal asset management system that would help drive the launch of our advisor portal in 1999 – demonstrating our commitment to being innovators in the industry.

We are also committed to creating tools that help the advisor coaches we work with be effective and efficient leaders in their field. In 2006, Matson Money debuted the electronic Portfolio MRI – a tool advisors can use to analyze an investor’s portfolio and potential risk. The manual Portfolio MRI could take multiple hours to complete but the online Portfolio MRI can be completed in about an hour. Since it’s launch, 1.9 million electronic Portfolio MRI’s have been completed.

Our commitment is also to the more than 35,000 investors who work with Matson Money. In May 2022, Matson Tech re-launched Matson Money’s Investor Portal with newly designed features and security measures. The newly designed portal can allow investors to see a clear vision of what they have available to live their purpose and discover more about their strategy as a lifelong investor.

At Matson Money, we are a stand for innovation, for creating technological tools that are an integral part of the support we offer advisors and investors. We are committed to using technology as a powerful instrument helping to transform the investing experience for families everywhere.