What Flying a Kite and Navigating Investing Has in Common

Navigating Investing, Matson Money

With steady winds on a great day, kite flying can be the most magical experience for anyone. The kite can fly for long periods of time if the wind is steady and the kite flier is calm. The wind, however, can become unpredictable and gusty if the flier panics and pulls back the line, the kite can quickly go from flying in the air to falling to the ground.

There have been some rough winds for the first quarter of 2023. With inflation, recession, and the banking crisis, the Fed has been navigating a balancing act by raising interest rates to bring down inflation in hopes of not triggering a US recession. A natural reaction for investors is the desire to want to pull back or sell as their portfolio declines. But as a kite flier knows, pulling back too hard and too fast on the line can likely crash a kite to the ground. In 2022, the rise of interest rates triggered a sell-off in stocks and other assets.1 The S&P 500 fell by more than 18% in 2022, making that the worst annual performance since the global financial crisis of 2008.2

In 2023 it remains unknown as to the impact on the economy and stock market after the shutdown of Silicon Valley Bank and First Republic, and also the recent collapse in the share prices of other regional banks resulting in the banking system clearly pulling back on lending.1

We’ve all heard the saying; “April showers, bring May flowers.” This can be a helpful reminder to investors facing a volatile market. Historically, markets recover and it’s important to remember to weather the storms of volatility. Matson Money Founder and CEO Mark Matson is unwavering in his message: “It is never the right time to panic.” Instead, remember that kites can soar in any climate and a downward turn does not necessarily mean destruction.

Similar to a successful day of kite flying, an opportunity to be a successful investor requires a prudent strategy. At Matson Money, we train and develop investors to create investing strategies based on empirically tested investing principles and coach them to stay disciplined over a lifetime.

It may sound like a lot to ensure that the kite stays in the air – but just as you can’t predict the weather 100% accurately, investors can’t predict the future or which stocks to choose or time the market. Because of this, it is important to know your desired risk tolerance, and invest in a portfolio that is rebalanced systematically to maintain that level of risk.

Typically, stocks tend to increase in value over the long run, although there are exceptions. Similarly, bonds are generally considered to be a safer investment option, but there are instances where this may not hold true. It’s important to keep in mind that there are no guarantees in financial markets, particularly over shorter time frames, which is why we also coach investors to invest for the long-term. “Invest for the next 20 years, not the next 20 minutes,” says Matson.

It’s not advisable to evaluate an investment thesis based on a mere one-year period. Investors who can exercise patience and maintain a prudently diversified portfolio, regardless of prevailing market conditions, are likely to reap the greatest potential rewards in the future. Just as some days have wind and others don’t, markets will inevitably go up and down. Investors who understand the investing process with a strong philosophy combined with a consistent investment strategy have an opportunity to generate long-term wealth creation.

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