Matson Money Recognized with Two Platinum 2023 TITAN Business Awards


We are elated to announce Matson Money has been awarded two platinum 2023 TITAN Business Awards for Company & Organization in the Business of the Year and Financial Services categories.

The Titan Business Awards recognize entrepreneurs and organizations worldwide, both big and small, private and public, for-profit and non-profit, open to all industries in the market. The award recognizes unparalleled breakthroughs amongst entrepreneurs, business departments, companies and organizations, creative services, business technology solutions, products and services, alongside business websites both locally and internationally.1

The TITAN Business Awards are presented by the International Awards Association, a global organization dedicated to recognizing professional excellence and outstanding achievements within organizations and various industries. We are honored to be recognized with these awards.


Matson Money paid $365 to be considered for the Business of the Year category and $285 for the Financial Services category plus a $30 administrative fee.

The awards program is open to all entrepreneurs, SMEs, large organizations, and related individuals, involved in the business industry worldwide. Any person, group, or organization may turn in their submissions online. To be eligible, an entry must have been produced after January 1, 2021 (almost a 2-year window). Entries may originate from any country.


Entry Brief: It is recommended that you keep your synopsis to approximately 350 words. The brief should strengthen your entry, as well as providing the jury a better understanding of your project. A written translation or adaptation must accompany non-English entries.

Image Submission: The submissions should be saved in a flattened JPEG or JPG format. (keep them under 4MB, 1,200px wide is preferable, 300dpi, RGB).

Video/Audio Submission: Entries with audio/video must be submitted with a direct URL that will take judges directly to the work: Upload video/audio to Vimeo/YouTube/Youku. Paste the URL link into the URL field.

There are THREE (3) levels of achievement in the competition:

– Category Winners of the Year

– Platinum (85-100 points)

– Gold (60-84 points)

To ensure high standards of quality, a category may have multiple winners or no winners. Each submission is critiqued rated by consensus, with the panel of judges determining a rating on a scale of 100 points. Winners with a score between 85 and 100 points are Platinum Winners. Entries with a score between 60 and 84 points are Gold Winners.

Entries receiving an average score under 60 do not receive an award.

The highest score amongst the Platinum winners* for each main category will be selected as Category Winners of the Year.

Judges are selected based on experience, credibility, and availability. The Business Awards jury panel consist of senior-level executives, business professionals and acclaimed entrepreneurs, where their business experiences and acumen imbue them with impartiality and undivided attention.

Submissions are judged at random without comparison in the same categories. Our judges will score on a scale of 1-100 based on:

– Originality

– Business acumen

– Business expertise

– Impressions

– Delivery of submission

– Company culture (if applicable)

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