Monthly Archives: July, 2020

  1. Will The November Election Be The Death Of Your Portfolio?

    Biden or Trump? Your American Dream may hang in the balance. With the upcoming election this Fall, there is an increasing amount of dialogue about which party will win and how that will impact the market. For investors, the question may not only be how will the upcoming election affect the economy, but also what…

  2. Timing The Market

    Is there a flawless way to time the market? Check out this clip from Mark’s appearance on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria where he provides a succinct message to investors on market timing.

  3. Preparing For What Even The Experts Can’t Predict

    When the world is flying blind, is there a way to see your portfolio through a crisis?  Recently, Mark Matson joined host Cheryl Casone as a featured panelist for a 3-hour broadcast of Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria. On this recorded broadcast (edited down to highlight Mark’s commentary), Mark reinforces the principles and benefits of…