Monthly Archives: January, 2023

  1. Mark Matson on Fun Money and the Fate of Your Portfolio

    Mark Matson, Founder and CEO of Matson Money, was quoted in a recent MarketWatch article, ‘It’s addictive; it’s seductive, and you can destroy your future.’ Keep ‘fun money’ from ruining your investment plan. The article examines a popular trend among some investors: fun money. A fun money account is one that is reserved to play…

  2. Mark Matson on Fox Business’ The Claman Countdown: There’s No Safety in Numbers

    Following a dismal year for some investors in 2022, what can they do to prepare for the year ahead? Watch Mark Matson on Fox Business’ The Claman Countdown to hear how he says investors can avoid making the same mistakes in 2023. Hint: It’s not picking the hottest tech stocks, cryptocurrency, or following the herd….

  3. Matson Money’s Intention for the Year

    Upon a quick web search of “I’m an investor, what should I do in 2023?” a wave of options appear on what an investor ‘should’ do in the year ahead. Looking back at what the markets were doing, 2021 ended with Crypto enthusiasts in full swing and Bitcoin being above $50,000.1 Stocks were trading just…