What Does it Really Mean to Transform Your Relationship to Money?

We are Matson Money, a premier investor coaching company committed to transforming the investing experience for families everywhere. How are we in action to achieve this? Read on to discover who we are, and what we are out to create in the world.

Matson Money is a multi-generational Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) founded in 1991 by Mark Matson. We are committed to altering investors’ relationship to money and investing in a way that can leave them powerfully pursuing their American Dream.

We begin with purpose.

We believe it takes more than money or even a good investing strategy to impact the world. We believe it begins with a discovery of your true purpose. Once you have discovered your purpose for life, you can fulfill on your True Purpose for Money. What impact do you want to make in the world… for yourself, your family, and your community?  

“When starting my business, I discovered that my true purpose is creating freedom, fulfillment, and love for families,” said Mark Matson, Founder and CEO of Matson Money. “I use this purpose to look at everything we do – from the services we provide our clients, to our interaction with our vendors, to our employee engagement. Everything is evaluated through the lens of purpose.”

Purpose can be magnetic. Once you put your purpose on display for the world to see, it can attract others with a similar purpose and vision, with the opportunity to create a powerful community. Are you clear on what your purpose is and how you are using it to change the world?

A stand for investors.

As an organization committed to the Fiduciary Standard, in all circumstances, we put the needs of the investor front and center. We have developed powerful and potentially life-altering training and education programs to empower investors to have confidence in their long-term investing strategy. We educate investors to be able to decipher the myths of investing, recognize potentially destructive investing biases,  and avoid possibly dangerous trends in investing such as cryptocurrency, do-it-yourself investing platforms and robo-advisors. We are committed to protecting investors’ financial futures by empowering them to think critically and be vigilant.

Empowered by coaching.

As a premier investor coaching company, we have reimagined the advisor-investor relationship and transformed it into a powerful and ongoing coaching relationship. “The top performers in the world – those who have created great results in life – have found a coach to help guide them, give input, observe, correct, and motivate,” said Matson. “And a great coach will never do the wrong thing for their client just to make money.”

What can that mean for investors? It means they can have someone to help them create a long-term investing strategy, help empower them to stay disciplined over a lifetime, and help them stay calm during life’s – and the market’s – ups and downs.

“If you’re out to create something in the world, you’re going to have some breakdowns,” said Matson.  “But, with the help of a coach, breakdowns can turn into breakthroughs.” Our coaches are trained by our Academic Advisory Board who are experts in human performance, coaching, neuroscience, and behavioral psychology to coach investors to make informed decisions around their money.

The science of investing.

In addition to understanding human behavior and performance, the other contributor to potential wealth creation is having a prudent and disciplined investing strategy. And we believe that strategy should be rooted in empirically tested investing science.

At Matson Money, we adamantly warn investors against the potential dangers of gambling with their financial future that show up in potentially destructive investing strategies such as stock picking, market timing, and track record investing. Instead, we have developed an investing methodology, the Matson Method, rooted in academic research and Nobel Prize-winning investing science.

The Matson Method brings powerful academic investing principles together into a highly disciplined approach to asset allocation and long-term wealth creation. It integrates Modern Portfolio Theory, The Three Factor Model, and The Efficient Market Hypothesis to help create portfolios designed and engineered to capture market returns.

Creating the American Dream.

We are on a mission to create the ideals of the American Dream as a global phenomenon. We believe that the American Dream – the ability for everyone to create the life they desire where there is equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and innovation – should be available to everyone.

“You get to say what the American Dream is, and if it is alive for you,” said Matson. “You get to create and cause it regardless of the circumstances around you. It is an expression of creativity, communication and commitment that you create in the world.”

To help empower families in discovering and living their American Dream, we created the American Dream Experience, a two-day educational event for advisors and investors. The event, hosted both virtually and in-person, gives families an opportunity to discover their true purpose and learn about academic investing science.

Standing in our future.

We are committed to operating from the future and are in action toward our 2030 Vision. “To have values and a mission but no action to back it up is meaningless,” said Matson.

Our 2030 Vision includes training 100 Brand Ambassadors to lead the American Dream Experience, saving 400,000 families from speculating and gambling with their future, and managing $100 billion in assets under management.


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All Co-Advisors and Brand Ambassadors are independent contractors, not employees or agents of Matson.   All of Matson’s advisory services are marketed almost exclusively by Co-Advisors, who are compensated through advisory fees.  

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